CEASEFIRE OAKLAND/LIFELINES TO HEALING-Friday Night Walks Schedule Jan.-April 2015

CEASEFIRE OAKLAND/LIFELINES TO HEALING Stop the gun violence! We love you and we want you to be alive and free. Far too many people in our community have died before their time.  Far too many people are wasting their lives in prison.  Oakland Ceasefire/Lifelines to Healing is a movement to stop the killings without sending […]

Oakland Unite Staff Retreat

Last week Oakland Unite held a positive and productive staff retreat focused on team building, vision sharing, and strategic planning. The team left feeling inspired, reenergized, and determined to continue working hard and to support all of our agencies in doing this important work now and in the future. Our Violent Incident and Crisis Intervention team. Oakland Unite’s […]

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Oakland City Council to Host a Special Meeting to Dialogue with the Public

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