Humans Services Department Request for Qualifications

  Human Services Department Request for Qualifications: For Professional Services The City of Oakland is pleased to release a Request for Qualificaitons (RFQ) to provide professional services for the Human Services Department for services initiated during the July 2019 through June 2022 period. Services include (but are not limited to) research and evaluation, marketing and communication, […]

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Oakland Unite Spending Plan

Oakland Unite is proud to present its proposed 2019-2021 Spending Plan.To develop the framework and recommendations in this plan, residents living at the center of violence shared insights about what they need, and where existing supports fall short. Local and national experts also shared knowledge about effective models. Oakland Unite engaged deeply with this information, […]

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City of Oakland L/SLBE Workshops

City Of Oakland Local Or Small Local Business Enterprise Program (L/SLBE) Certification Workshops To assist agencies applying to various City of Oakland – Human Services Department RFPs/ RFQs to become certified as an Oakland Local or Small Local Business Enterprise Program (L/SLBE), the City of Oakland’s Contracts & Compliance Division will be hosting four in-person […]

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2019 Summer Evening Events Request for Bid

Oakland Unite, a division in the Human Services Department in the City of Oakland, is seeking four Oakland non-profit/neighborhood organizations to provide community events that engage city residents in efforts to change community norms around violence. Oakland Unite is charged with implementing violence intervention programs for the City of Oakland. Oakland Unite provides direct services […]

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Oakland ReCAST Project and #OYACgivesback Releasing Mini-Grant

The City of Oakland Human Services Department’s (HSD) Youth Advisory Commission (OYAC) announced the release of the third #OYACgivesback Youth-to Youth mini-grant application: Supporting improved relations between youth, the community and law enforcement and Community Resiliency and Healing for Oakland.  #OYACgivesback is a project of Oakland Resiliency in Communities After Stress and Trauma (ReCAST), an HSD initiative funded by the Substance Abuse Mental […]

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2018 Oakland Unite Frontline Summit Video

Oakland Unite Hosts Frontline Summit On Friday, June 22, the Human Services Department Oakland Unite in partnership with Bright Research Group hosted the 2018 Oakland Unite Frontline Summit. Participants had the opportunity to network, build collaboration, and participate in skill development workshops. The workshop topics ranged from client empowerment, intervention frameworks, relationship-based and healing approaches, […]

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Successful Summer Friday Night Live and Peace in the Parks Program Concludes

The Human Services Department’s (HSD) Oakland Unite had over 1,900 visitors to our Friday Night Live and Peace in the Parks programs at Hoover Elementary School and Arroyo Viejo Park and Recreation Center this Summer. The Friday Summer Nights Programs aim to change community norms around violence through community engagement, celebration, and empowerment.  HSD/Oakland Unite […]

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Oakland Unite Agency Report 2016-2017

Oakland Unite is proud to release the “2016-2017 Oakland Unite Agency Report” prepared by the independent evaluation firm Mathematica Policy Research. The report represents the second evaluation of Oakland Unite services funded through the Safety and Services Act of 2014 (Measure Z).  The City has contracted with Mathematica to evaluate Oakland Unite violence intervention programs and […]

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2018 Youth Squad Leadership Program

To Apply Click Here Download Application YOUTH-SQUAD – Application  

Youth-to-Youth Mini-Grant Application Released by #OYACgivesback

The City of Oakland Youth Advisory Commission (OYAC) is excited to announce the second cycle of the #OYACgivesback Youth-to-Youth Mini-Grant Application: Supporting Community Resiliency and Healing for Oakland. The focus of cycle two has the broader goal of supporting and increasing community resiliency and healing in Oakland’s most marginalized communities that have experienced high levels of violence, trauma, and civil unrest. To apply go […]

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