Juvenile Justice Center Wraparound Services

Restorative Justice Welcome and Re-entry Circles for a student returning to Ralph Bunche High School from the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center (JJC – juvenile hall) is shown in this video. Re-entry Circles are an important part of how youth returning from juvenile hall can successfully transition back into a normal school environment. The JJC/OUSD Wraparound approach has key stakeholders developing a joint plan of

  • how the youth returning to the school site can be successful, and
  • what resources and support are needed to help the student.

The Welcome Circle, based on Restorative Justice Practices and led by a facilitator from Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY), also includes several other providers from Oakland Unite’s JJC Wraparound Services Strategy (EBAC, EBAYC, Oakland Unified School District JJC Enrollment Manager), as well as members of the student’s family, school administrators, and teachers whose overall goal is assisting the youth with this transition. Oakland Unite is proud to be funding these collaborating organizations in the 2012-2015 grantee group.

*made by Cassidy Friedman with funding from the Cal Endowment, RJOY and OUSD.

Program strategy history:

In 2009, the Violence Prevention Programs of the Department of Human Services (before branding to Oakland Unite) brought together key stakeholders — Alameda County Probation, OUSD, Alameda County Health Care Services and community-based organizations to discuss how to best use City funds to serve those youth who are most at-risk of being involved in violence. This collaborative planning process moved the intake process for funded case management services from schools directly to the JJC. As a result, 100% of the youth served through the JJC Wraparound Strategy have had criminal justice system involvement, with 38% of those served in FY 2011-12 (that reached the service threshold) having a prior violent offense.

For more evaluation results, read:  2011-12 RDA Evaluation Full-Report




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