Messengers 4 Change Friday Summer Nights in the Parks Events

Messengers4Change are Oakland residents who want to stand up against violence in their communities, supported by the Oakland Unite Community Engagement Coordinator. The group originally formed in and focused on East Oakland but will be expanding to other areas of Oakland soon.  Messengers4Change participate in peace marches, create baskets for homicide victim’s families, work with merchants to publicize an antiviolence message through signs and other tactics, organize vigils after a homicide or shooting, and work on other neighborhood projects.

Friday Summer Nights at the Parks is underway! See the flyer below for times and locations.T

To find out more about Messengers4Change, please visit the NEW website. To get involved, sign up for upcoming marches, vigils and workshops by contacting Jennifer Argueta.


Great recent press on the City’s Summer Parks Program:

Inside Bay Area News (written by Matt O’Brien, August 2, 2013).

Oakland Local blog  (written by Howard Dykoff, July 19, 2013). Click HERE to view photographs associated with this article.

2013 Parks Flyer

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