Oakland Street Outreach in the News

Recently, reporter A. Scot Bolsinger from Oakland Local spent an evening with the Oakland Street Outreach Team in West Oakland. Oakland Unite is a proud funder of Healthy Communities/Healthy Oakland, that runs street outreach in West Oakland, as well as Oakland California Youth Outreach that runs street outreach in Central and East Oakland. Bolsinger wrote about his experience in the article “Street outreach makes anti-violence presence felt on violent streets.” Oakland Street Outreach Teams walk the streets of Oakland in designated “hot-spots” of violence, during the peak hours when violence occurs. The street outreach workers are from the communities where they walk. Bolsinger wrote, “Blessed in West Oakland. It can be surprising how often you hear it, but it’s the hope that keeps the mission moving forward, the steps on hard pavement and hands reached out in friendship and hope instead of selling drugs or pulling triggers.”

To read the entire article click HERE.

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