Oakland Unite Innovation Published in the National Reenty Resource Center Newsletter

Oakland Unite’s Juvenile Justice Center/Oakland Unified School District Wraparound Services program was recognized for its innovation in helping youth be successful in transitioning out of the Juvenile Justice Center and back to school in Oakland.

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The data sharing system used by case managers in this program makes it innovative and helps the success of participants. This quote from the article by the database designer Mark Min highlights this distinct program.  “‘By adding student information to case records, Oakland Unite enables the JJC Wraparound Program to make timely interventions that significantly improve youth outcomes,’ says Mark Min, Cityspan’s Chief Executive Officer. Though Cityspan has developed information technology for numerous other public agencies around the country, Mr. Min is particularly impressed by the degree of data sharing in Oakland. ‘I’ve seen so many cities talk about implementing something like this, but it doesn’t happen. This type of data sharing is completely unique.’

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