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Oakland Unite Recognized for Innovative Practices to Reduce Youth Recidivism

Recently Oakland Unite and the Juvenile Justice Center and Oakland Unified School District Wraparound strategy was recognized once again for their innovation. Through hard work and determination Oakland Unite and its collaborative partners were able to create a database that includes the sharing of Juvenile Justice Center data and Oakland Unified School District data. This real-time information allows case managers who work with youth coming out of the Juvenile Justice Center and back into Oakland the ability to use the data for individualized plans for clients. This unprecedented data-sharing gives high risk youth more support to succeed in life and avoid reoffending. In fact, the program has seen a 75% reduction in program youth arrested for violence and a 60% reduction in arrests overall.


Photo by adesigna via Creative Commons

To read “Unprecedented data-sharing program aims to reduce recidivism” by Jon Leckie go to: http://oaklandlocal.com/2014/01/unprecedented-data-sharing-program-aims-to-reduce-recidivism/

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