MISSSEY at the State Capitol

Nola Brantley, currently of MISSSEY, spoke at the State Capitol on February 6th in support of legislation to strengthen the penalties for buying and selling minors for sex. Supported by Senators Ted Lieu, D-Torrance; Holly Mitchell, D-Los Angeles; Bob Huff, R-Diamond Bar; Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo; and Marty Block, D-San Diego the legislation seeks to […]

Bay Area Women Against Rape Receive Award

Oakland Unite’s partner agency Bay Area Women Against Rape (BAWAR) received the Director’s Leadership Award (DCLA) from FBI San Francisco that recognized the dedicated work of the Sexually Exploited Minors (SEM) Program. Congratulations on this prestigious award! *Pat Mims of BAWAR and the Director’s Community Leadership Award. *Kenia Cervantes, Pat Mims and Anjana Kumar of […]

Oakland Unite Partner Agency MISSSEY in the News

The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office launched an anti-child trafficking campaign in partnership with MISSSEY (Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting and Serving Sexually Exploited Youth) and Clear Channel.  There are currently 65 billboards posted throughout the county targeting the entire community. There are also bus shelter posters that target kids who are being exploited and give them resources to get […]

Gender-Based Violence Response Services

This strategy directs funding towards interventions that support people experiencing family/domestic violence and commercial sexual exploitation (CSE). It aims to help survivors meet their immediate safety needs and provides resources that aid them in their journey towards healing and stability. Oakland Unite Contact: Sara Serin-ChristFamily Violence Responseincludes a 24-hour hotline, legal advocacy, systems navigation, family support, andmental […]

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