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The Eastern Shore Interviews Jim O’Brien about Violence in Oakland

Check out the interview with Jim O’Brien: http://theeasternshore.podbean.com/e/the-eastern-shore-014-jim-obrien-on-violence-and-its-aftermath/    

Want a chance to get involved in our work?

Join us on a Ceasefire Oakland/Lifelines to Healing Friday Community Night Walk.

Oakland Unite’s Street Outreach Teams Representing in Philadelphia

Oakland Unite was fortunate to be invited to participate in the 4th Annual Cure Violence National Cluster Meeting in Philadelphia, PA. This meeting is an opportunity for national partners and other violence prevention departments and organizations to gather in one place and have a dialogue around violence prevention.  Coming together and collaborating gives partners the […]

Parks Program Evaluation Data

Oakland Unite Messengers4Change had another successful summer of Friday Summer Nights at the Park events. At Willie Wilkins Park, in addition to incredible community turn-out during the events, the data indicates that incidents of violence in the community also decreased during the same time. On average the number of police incidents in the Willie Wilkins […]

Ceasefire Community Walk

Join Chief When and Community Night Walk volunteers on a Community walk. For more information click on “Ceasefire Community Walk” and click this link: Ceasefire Community Walk – Jan 31 2014    

Oakland Unite Street Outreach in the News

OAKLAND: Youth summits held in hopes of decreasing gang violence A program in Oakland Unite’s Street Outreach strategy was recently highlighted on KTVU Channel 2 news. The story focused on a street outreach worker, Akil Truso, and a group of youth from different parts of Oakland, who came together to discuss stopping the cycle of […]

Messengers 4 Change Friday Summer Nights in the Parks Events

Messengers4Change are Oakland residents who want to stand up against violence in their communities, supported by the Oakland Unite Community Engagement Coordinator. The group originally formed in and focused on East Oakland but will be expanding to other areas of Oakland soon.  Messengers4Change participate in peace marches, create baskets for homicide victim’s families, work with […]

The Way Out

The Way Out is an initiative supported by Oakland Unite, with additional funding from an Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency (OJJDP) grant.  The Way Out will be sharing a series of Public Service Announcements developed with One Bay Creative that address the serious problem of street violence in Oakland. Here is an exclusive preview. […]

CYO Mediates Violent Conflict through Oakland Street Outreach

California Youth Outreach (CYO), supported by Oakland Unite, provides services to high risk youth and young adults in Central and East Oakland. Through street outreach in targeted hot spots, trained CYO staff members get to know young people and are able to offer them case management services and conflict mediation to prevent the escalation of […]

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