You Can Be a Change!

Oakland Unite Starts the Year Off with a Successful Training!

Oakland Unite started the year off with an inspirational professional development training. On January 16th, Oakland Unite hosted acclaimed trainer, Larry Robbin, to present his training ” You Can Be a Change! How to Increase Employment Motivation in People in Reentry!” The event was a huge success and all the participants agreed that they learned something valuable. A big thank you to Dan Simmons from Oakland Unite for organizing the training.


*Delia Maberry and La Honda Geter from Volunteers of America at the Larry Robbin training.


*Emilio Mena of Oakland Unite and Matthew Barton from the Youth Employment Partnership at the Larry Robbin training.

Oakland Unite is dedicated to staying up-to-date on best practices and innovations in the violence prevention and intervention field. Professional development trainings for staff and Oakland Unite funded partners is part of reaching this goal.

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