Youth Radio Wins Award

One of Oakland Unite’s longstanding program partners, Youth Radio, was awarded the nation’s highest honor for youth arts programs at the White House on Monday the 19th of November. Student representative Shyra Gums joined Senior Producer Nishat Kurwa to accept the award from First Lady Michelle Obama.

“The 2012 awardees demonstrate the power that comes from young people realizing their creative promise,” said Mrs. Obama. “These outstanding organizations from across the country inspire our youth to explore the world of possibility that awaits them, and they are gaining critical skills that translate into every other aspect of their lives.”

Youth Radio is one of only 12 after-school and out-of-school programs across the country to receive the award. More than 350 organizations were nominated in 2012.

The awards are presented by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities. The National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards go to outstanding programs that enhance student lives after school with creative projects that cultivate collaboration, discipline, creativity and community improvement.  Youth Radio, like other Oakland Unite grantees, provides services to youth measureable results. Congratulations to Youth Radio on this major accomplishment from the rest of Oakland Unite!

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