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Request for Proposals: Reentry Employment Golden State Works Transitional Employment Program

  • Questions regarding the Golden State Works Transitional Employment Program can be submitted by e-mail to dsimmons(AT) Questions will not be taken by phone. Responses will be posted on a rolling basis.
  • Last Day to Submit Questions: The last day questions will be accepted is March 29, 2017. Questions must be received by 2:00 P.M. PST
RFQ questions and responses as of March 22, 2017 are listed below:

Question: In the City of Oakland Combined Contract Schedules, on Schedule M, item 1, the form states “Have you performed services for the City in any year(s) prior to 20__?” Which year does “20__” represent?

Answer: Non-profit 501 (c) 3s are not required to complete Schedule M.

Question: Is there an implementation/planning period for this grant?

Answer: There is no implementation/planning period designated during the grant period. The contract award announcement will be made at the beginning of May and provide for two months of planning/start up prior to the contract start date of July 1, 2017. There is a current GSW provider, if another agency is selected HSD will work to facilitate the transition to avoid a break in services. The selected agency must demonstrate the capacity to hit the ground running on July 1, 2017.

Question: The budget template mentions that indirect costs “May not exceed 10% of ENTIRE direct costs (including sub-grantee budgets)”. Please confirm this is correct.

Answer: That is correct.

Question: Are the job positions described in the RFP on pages 12-13 , Program Manager (1.0 FTE), Crew Supervisors (6 x 1.0 FTE), Job-Developer (1.0 FTE), Job Coach, Life Skills Instructor, Retention Specialist, and Data Specialist, the only staff positions covered by the grant? Is there a way to have a case manager and bookkeeper added?

Answer: The listed position are the only approved staff positions. In the GSW model all client facing staff are expected to provide case management.

Question: How are workers/parolee participants identified to participate in the GSW program?

Answer: The selected operator will receive parolee referrals from CDCR’s Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO). All parolee/participants will be referred through the DAPO’s Agent of Record (AOR).

Question: Does the non-profit organization play any role in identifying workers/participants?

Answer: No. As described above these funds are dedicated to serving people on parole identified and referred by DAPO.

Question: Is daily payroll required for all parole workers and other workers under this grant (Program Manager, Crew Supervisor, etc.)? Or is daily payroll only required for parole workers?

Answer: Daily paychecks are only required for GSW program participants – parolee participants – and not the agency staff providing supervision and supportive services to the participants.

Question: How does the grant suggest/require daily payroll to be administered?

Answer: There are no specific suggestions or requirements.  However, the grantee must demonstrate the capacity to administer daily payroll and issue daily paychecks to each parolee participant on the days that they perform work on a crew.

Question: What is the maximum grant amount a non-profit can request?

Answer: There will be only one award of approximately $6,240,000 for two-years ($3,120,000 annually). The selected grantee must complete all the required activities of the GSW program. Applications may be from a single agency or a partnership among agencies with an identified Lead Agency.

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