Contract Documents

The following documents are required for Grant Agreements:

  • Grantee Contact Information Sheet for July 2019 – June 2020
  • Proof of Match Documentation Form July 2019-June 2020
  • Combined Schedules
    • Schedule C-1 – (ADA) Declaration of Compliance with American Disability Act
    • Schedule K – Pending Disclosure Form
    • Schedule N – Declaration of Compliance – Living Wage Ordinance
    • Schedule N 1 –Equal Benefits – Declaration of Nondiscrimination/Equal Access
    • Schedule P – Nuclear Free Zone Disclosure
    • Schedule V – Affidavit of Non-Disciplinary or Investigatory Action Form
  • Current City of Oakland Business Tax Certificate (photocopy or scan)
  • Current Insurance Accord Certificate of Liability Insurance (Refer to Schedule Q)
  • Current Commercial General Liability Additional Insurance Endorsement (Refer to Schedule Q)
  • Current Certificate of Workers Compensation Insurance (Refer to Schedule Q)
  • W-9 IRS Form (only for new vendor / grantee)

*NOTE: Schedules are subject to change at the discretion of the City of Oakland Contract and Compliance Office. Please go to to their website to see the most current schedules and forms.

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