Life Coaching/Intensive Case Management

Life Coaching/Intensive Case Management

The Life Coaching/Intensive Case Management strategy provides funding to re-direct the highest risk youth and young adults in Oakland towards healthy participation in their families and communities through coaching and mentoring, system navigation, advocacy, and connection to needed resources.20141124__peace5~1[1]

Oakland Unite contact: Mark Henderson


Intensive Youth Case Management aims to re-engage the highest risk youth in school and help them to reduce or eliminate their engagement with the Juevenile Justice system. This sub-strategy is a partnership between Oakland Unite, Alameda County Probation Department, Oakland Unified School District, and Almaeda County Health Care Services.

Referrals are through the JJC Manager Hattie Tate phone: (510) 667-7488 email: hattie.tate(AT) Transition Center, 2500 Fairmont Drive, San Leandro

Intensive Adult Case Management aims to re-direct young adults away from violence and towards making positive changes in their own lives.

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