Juvenile Justice Center/OUSD Wrap-Around Services

This strategy focuses on intensive case management services to youth leaving the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center (JJC) or Camp Sweeney and returning to Oakland. Oakland Unite funds a OUSD Enrollment Manager, located at the JJC, to make appropriate and timely educational placements for youth returning to Oakland.  The Enrollment Manager, along with the Probation staff, refers Oakland youth being released from JJC and Camp Sweeney to Oakland Unite agencies for intensive case management services. Ideally, connections are made between the youth and a Case Manager while the youth is in the JJC. Oakland Unite groups’ Case Managers will work closely with the staff at the JJC Transition Center, probation staff, school personnel, the youth and his/her family to develop an individualized case plan, provide support, and engage with the young person and his/her family.  Referrals include information from OUSD and Probation.

Direct referrals are through the JJC Manager:
Hattie Tate
phone: (510) 667-7488
email: hattie.tate(AT)ousd.k12.ca.us

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