Reentry Training and Employment

For each of the six CBOs working in this strategy, there are six plans of service. One is traditional support by case counselors, education and employment training augmented with soft skills, interviewing skills and conflict resolution workshops, another is an Academy set up on an evidence-based model of small classes with intensive group interactions led by culturally sensitive staff, another includes subsidized on-the-job training and work at closely-allied subcontractor locations, the fourth is crew-based transitional job experience for young adults ages 18-35 in collaboration with Public Works and Parks & Recreation, the fifth is a complementary strategy of construction training/vocational education and customer service training paired with in-house high school education, leadership development, and mentoring support.  Finally, the YU Excel Program offers on-going job skills development and educational support workshops to a cohort of 18-24 year olds through three phases of 8-weeks of weekly meetings. Phase one is life skill and civic engagement, phase two is subsidized employment and job training, phase three is support in obtaining unsubsidized employment and support in maintaining it for 30 days.

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