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Learn about the personal impact of our programs through success stories from current and past Oakland Unite program participants. Read their stories HERE. These stories illustrate that the success of our programs does not just decrease violence in Oakland but creates positive transformations in the lives of the individuals that Oakland Unite serves.

Participant Success Story: Q - Q was referred to Youth Radio by his group home director. He had been recently placed on probation and was required to move out of his hometown of Sacramento after getting in trouble with the law and getting sent to a group home based in West Oakland. During his intake at Youth Radio, Q expressed […]
Participant Success Story: Keith - Keith had been incarcerated for many years. When he was released in 2013 he had $200 to his name and a strong desire never to return to prison. Keith said, “I wanted something better for myself.” After working odd jobs he saved up enough money to get an apartment and his own transportation. He looked […]
Oakland Unite Voices: King J - Here is the latest vignette from Oakland Unite, “Oakland Unite Voices: King J.” To watch the video on YouTube click HERE. To watch the longer informational video about Oakland Unite click HERE.  
Participant Success Story: Samson - Samson was raised in Oakland starting at the age of six years old. By the age of 14 he was living the street life and started going in and out of Juvenile Hall and group homes. When he turned 18 he continued down the wrong path, making bad choices that ultimately perpetuated the cycle of […]
Participant Success Story: Terrell - Terrell & Emilio Terrell is 32 years old and was born and raised in East Oakland. As a kid he loved to play sports and was always very active. However, his home life was unstable and he yearned for the finer things in life. Eventually he started hanging-out with the wrong crowd and doing illegal […]
Oakland Unite Voices: J’Shaun - Check-out this short video featuring an Oakland Unite youth participant sharing his personal success story by clicking HERE. To watch the longer Oakland Unite informational video click HERE.
Participant Success Story: Carvell - Carvell was referred to Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) Office of Alternative Education in the fall of 2013. Before Carvell got referred he was involved in several serious incidents which resulted in him being expelled by the OUSD Board of Education in his sophomore year. That summer he became a father to a beautiful baby […]
Participant Success Story: Jabari - As a young child Jabari dealt with a lot of instability. After his mom passed away when he was eight years old he was moved around from foster home to foster home. “In the foster care system, as a foster child, support didn’t come easy,” said Jabari, “I never got the parental attention that I […]

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