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All Oakland Unite’s programs target our highest risk community members and neighborhoods, with a particular focus on interrupting violence now as it is occurring and preventing future violence.

Success Stories

Learn about the personal impact of our programs through success stories from current and past Oakland Unite program participants. Read their stories HERE.

Research & Reports

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Key Reports Oakland Unite currently contracts with Mathematica Policy Research to evaluate Oakland Unite violence intervention programs and services annually and in a four-year comprehensive evaluation. 2016-2017 Oakland Unite Agency Report The annual agency-level report provides profiles for each Oakland Unite agency, summarizing descriptive findings on the basis of administrative data, site visits, grantee interviews, and document […]

Our Mission

Oakland Unite is a public safety collaboration of community-based organizations, public agencies, and residents using proven and effective means to reduce violence in Oakland.  All Oakland Unite’s programs target Oakland’s highest risk community members and neighborhoods, with a particular focus on interrupting violence now as it is occurring and preventing future violence. Based in the Human Services Department, Oakland Unite is funded by tax-payer dollars and has brought in over $15 million in state and federal grants to support the local investment in violence intervention and prevention. Oakland Unite programs have provided intensive interventions to over 4,000 individuals per year and reached over 17,000 people in Oakland through outreach and community events annually.

Our Program Strategies

  • Life Coaching

    The Life Coaching/Intensive Case Management strategy provides funding to re-direct the highest risk youth and young adults in Oakland towards healthy participation in their families and communities through coaching and mentoring, system navigation, advocacy, and connection to needed resources.

  • Community Bldg.

    The Community Asset Building strategy works to deepen the capacity of communities most affected by violence and the providers that serve them to change norms and influence decision-making around violence. The Innovation strategy creates a space for emerging ideas and promising practices/programs in violence intervention to prove their effectiveness.

  • Employment

    The Employment & Education Support Services strategy connects the highest risk youth and young adults with employment through skills and job readiness training, education support, job placement, and strengthening relationships with employers. Oakland Unite Contact: Dan Simmons Sub-strategies Youth Employment/Education Support aims to strengthen high risk youth’s economic self-sufficiency and career readiness through subsidized work […]

  • Crisis Response

    The Violent Incident & Crisis Response strategy aims to reduce the impacts of exposure to violence or re-victimization through individual and community support.

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