Oakland Unite 2019-2021 Request for Proposals

Oakland Unite is pleased to release the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the July 2019 through June 2021 funding cycle. The City seeks qualified agencies to form a network of community providers and system partners who strive together to support people at the center of violence. See below for important dates and to download the […]

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Oakland Unite Spending Plan

Oakland Unite is proud to present its proposed 2019-2021 Spending Plan.To develop the framework and recommendations in this plan, residents living at the center of violence shared insights about what they need, and where existing supports fall short. Local and national experts also shared knowledge about effective models. Oakland Unite engaged deeply with this information, […]

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City of Oakland L/SLBE Workshops

City Of Oakland Local Or Small Local Business Enterprise Program (L/SLBE) Certification Workshops To assist agencies applying to various City of Oakland – Human Services Department RFPs/ RFQs to become certified as an Oakland Local or Small Local Business Enterprise Program (L/SLBE), the City of Oakland’s Contracts & Compliance Division will be hosting four in-person […]

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