Gang Prevention Presentation

Oakland Unite’s Focused Youth Services include Gang Prevention. Our gang prevention network of funded agencies gave a presentation about their services at a recent Measure Y  Violence Prevention and Public Safety Oversight Committee meeting. The presenters included Monica Vaughan, Director of the Office of Alternative Education, OUSD, Geoffrey Godfrey, Executive Director of California Youth Outreach, Oakland, and Danyelle Marshall, Executive Director of Project Re-Connect. This video was recorded by KTOP on April 22, 2013 in the City Hall council chambers, where the Oversight Committee meets every third Monday of the month.

The Gang Prevention strategy provides gang awareness/prevention training for school and community-based personnel as well as training and family strengthening for parents/caregivers of youth involved in gangs or at high risk of gang involvement. At least 450 individuals and 80 parents were served directly in the last year.

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