Parks Program Evaluation Data

Oakland Unite Messengers4Change had another successful summer of Friday Summer Nights at the Park events.

At Willie Wilkins Park, in addition to incredible community turn-out during the events, the data indicates that incidents of violence in the community also decreased during the same time. On average the number of police incidents in the Willie Wilkins Park area decreased by 48% during the six week periods when the events took place compared to the average for the previous two years.


Crime incidents in the Willie Wilkins vicinity dropped by a third or more in the summers of 2012 and 2013 during our Friday Summer Nights events.



Messengers4Change has hosted Friday Summer Nights at the Park for the past two summers at Carter Gilmore Park.
Though there was a large amount of community participation there has not been a significant drop in crime in the vicinity of Carter Gilmore park for the past two summers. This may be due to the park’s location and of the lack of visibility in the broader neighborhood. Members of this community only know about the event due to extensive outreach efforts around the program. In comparison residents around Willie Wilkins park are aware of the events even before outreach begins.


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