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Oakland Unite’s violence prevention funding is allocated toward specific best practice strategies that intervene with target populations most at risk for being perpetrators or victims of violence. The City of Oakland provides ongoing training and technical assistance to funded agencies in order to build agency capacity, ensure fidelity to best practice service models, and deliver the desired violence prevention outcomes.

For more information about best practices, visit the Research and Reports Page.

Current Grantees

Grantees were selected for the July 2018-June 2019 funding cycle through a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) process allocating Measure Z funds, within five broad strategy areas, as per City Council Resolution #85926 C.M.S. Grantees provide an array of intensive services to youth and young adults, and are a critical part of a well integrated violence intervention system, with strong links among social services, school district, police, workforce development, and criminal justice agencies.

We are proud to be working with:

Life Coaching/Intensive Case Management

Intensive Youth Case Management aims to re-engage the highest risk youth in school and help them to reduce or eliminate their engagement with the Juvenile Justice system. This sub-strategy is a partnership between Oakland Unite, Alameda County Probation Department, Oakland Unified School District, and Alameda County Health Care Services.

Intensive Adult Case Management aims to re-direct young adults away from violence and towards making positive changes in their own lives.

Employment and Education Support Services

Youth Employment/Education Support aims to strengthen high risk youth’s economic self-sufficiency and career readiness through subsidized work experience, employment and academic support.

Transitional Age Youth and Young Adult Employment/Education Support programs work to enhance the long-term employability of participants through the development of skills and education, with a focus on successful placement and retention.

Violent Incident & Crisis Reponse

Street Outreach aims to reduce retaliatory violence by helping high risk youth and young adults mediate conflicts and connecting them to appropriate services and resources. Street Outreach is designed to interrupt violence, before it happens whenever possible, or by preventing ensuing incidents of retaliation after it happens.

Shooting Homicide Response & Support Network invests in community-based Shooting and Homicide response and Support Network for those who have lost a loved one to gun violence in Oakland, or who have themselves been injured by gun violence or other serious physical assault. In partnership with Street Outreach, the Network will help break the cycle of violence that can follow a shooting or homicide by addressing the basic and social-emotional needs of victims and/or their families, and by providing alternatives to retaliatory violence.

Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Intervention supports agencies to conduct outreach to CSEC, bring them to safety, and end their exploitation. Support for CSEC should include outreach, connections with appropriate, caring adults, wraparound support, and access to transitional/emergency housing.

Family Violence Intervention reduces the negative effects of family violence by supporting programs that provide legal, social, and emotional support services to victims of family violence, including young children who are exposed to and/or experience violence in the home.

For immediate assistance please contact the 24-hour Crisis Hotline: (800) 947-8301

Family Violence Intervention Unit responds to every domestic violence incident reported by OPD, and provides 24/7 crisis response, and case management and legal services to victims of domestic violence in order to minimize the impact of trauma and support safety and stabilization for victimized families.

Community Asset Building

Young Adult Leadership Council – is a pilot program to establish a Young Adult Leadership Council. Participants will be those who have been intensely impacted by street violence, either as a victim or  as offenders, yet are at a critical place in their lives where they are highly motivated to engage in a transformative process of healing and growth. The grantee will develop a structure to provide training, education, and resources to these participants in order to increase their leadership capacity and involvement in violence prevention efforts throughout Oakland.


The Innovation Fund aims to provide seed funding for innovative approaches to violence intervention and encourage new programs/practices with high potential.

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