Violent Incident & Crisis Response

Violent Incident & Crisis Response

The Violent Incident & Crisis Response strategy aims to reduce the impacts of exposure to violence or re-victimization through individual and community support.IMG_2102

Oakland Unite Contact:  Sara Serin-Christ & Mailee Wang


Street Outreach aims to reduce retaliatory violence by helping high risk youth and young adults mediate conflicts and connecting them to appropriate services and resources. Street Outreach is designed to interrupt violence, before it happens whenever possible, or by preventing ensuing incidents of retaliation after it happens.

Shooting Homicide Response & Support Network invests in community-based Shooting and Homicide response and Support Network for those who have lost a loved one to gun violence in Oakland, or who have themselves been injured by gun violence or other serious physical assault. In partnership with Street Outreach, the Network will help break the cycle of violence that can follow a shooting or homicide by addressing the basic and social-emotional needs of victims and/or their families, and by providing alternatives to retaliatory violence.

Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Intervention supports agencies to conduct outreach to CSEC, bring them to safety, and end their exploitation. Support for CSEC should include outreach, connections with appropriate, caring adults, wraparound support, and access to transitional/emergency housing.

Family Violence Intervention reduces the negative effects of family violence by supporting programs that provide legal, social, and emotional support services to victims of family violence, including young children who are exposed to and/or experience violence in the home.


Family Violence Intervention Unit responds to every domestic violence incident reported by OPD, and provides 24/7 crisis response, and case management and legal services to victims of domestic violence in order to minimize the impact of trauma and support safety and stabilization for victimized families.

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